A downloadable game for Windows

This is a Casual-Rhythm-Puzzle Game, developed by our 3-person studio, IceToad Studio, within 15 days. It tells a story about a little frog, who started a journey in pursuit of true love...

-Innovative Rhythm + Puzzle gameplay

-One button control, playing while eating

-18 intriguing levels

-Elaborate original models, arts and musics 

Version: 1.01

System: windows


- 新颖的节奏+解谜玩法



FlowerJourney v1.01.rar 37 MB


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Hi Devs,

I had a play of the first ten levels and I have to say that I really liked it. Graphically, it's nice and slowly gets harder as you go along.

Very nice.

Best Regards

 Good Luck and all the best.

wobbly foot gamer @ you tube 

Thanks for sharing your experience! Glad you enjoy it. I am sorry that there's no an English version and there're still some bugs, we are working on it and a better version will come out soon!

spin spin spin 

so dizzy XD