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The demo is lovelyI had a few of those "Ohhhh!" moments you always love having in a puzzle game. Please keep on with your work, you're doing great!

Thanks! And we are working on it toward full releasing on Steam now  Steam 上的 亚丽亚的倒影 ( Just wishlist XD

Loved It hope it'll be available on steam when finished. Only thing I could mention that bugged me was the text box, I didn't like the design of it.

Sure it will be published there~ And thanks for the feedback. I swear the UI will be refreshed LOL

I played this demo and loved it! Please do keep working on this game, I look forward to the full version whenever it releases :)

Made a review on it:

Wow thanks for such a detailed review~ And we feel encouraged to keep working on this game XD.

I'm really glad XD

I look forward to it 🥳

Cool puzzles & a nice difficulty curve. The world has this subsided uneasiness... I liked it. :) Keep up the good work! 


Wow thanks for sharing your gameplay experience!

This was such a beautiful experience! Love the puzzles and the design! I can't wait for the full release! 

Thanks for sharing your game experience! We sincerely invite you to our discord community where you can chat and throw your incredible ideas to our dev XD!

You're welcome! I will definitely join! 

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good game

Thanks for sharing your gameplay experience!

Such a great game! Looking forward to your next build!

Thanks for your support!

Really great concept and execution, hope you'll make a full game of this!


Thanks! We will keep working on it!

I'm delighted to say you took the #1 spot again! This time for the entire week! Are you on twitter? I'd love to shout your game out! 

Thanks again for featuring our game! And yes we're on twitter. Just search @AiliAGame and you'll find us.

Thanks for featuring us! Find us on and get updates on our progress~

HUGE Congrats for taking the #1 spot in my video today! This game is amazing, and unique! I loved playing it! Great job! 

Wow! What an honor! Thanks a lot for supporting our game, and glad that you like it!