A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Ailia gets lost in a mysterious world. 

She has no special power but going into the mirror and walking on the reflections.

Traveling through the maze, playing with reflections, revealing her past with the help of the mirror —— her only friend in this world. 

Try to use your understanding of mirror reflections to solve the puzzles and help Ailia find her way home.


 Programming        Runyu(HaroldSama)

                        Art        Chenwei

                  Music        Mark Benis

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AiliAGame

Install instructions

Notice: If you download the Mac version, move it out of the default download folder before you open it, or the game progress may not be recorded.


AiliA Demo v3 Windows.zip 88 MB
AiliA Demo v3 Mac.zip 99 MB
Crontrol&Command.txt 330 bytes

Development log


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good game

Thanks for sharing your gameplay experience!

Such a great game! Looking forward to your next build!

Thanks for your support!

Really great concept and execution, hope you'll make a full game of this!


Thanks! We will keep working on it!

I'm delighted to say you took the #1 spot again! This time for the entire week! Are you on twitter? I'd love to shout your game out! 

Thanks again for featuring our game! And yes we're on twitter. Just search @AiliAGame and you'll find us.

Thanks for featuring us! Find us on https://twitter.com/AiliAGame and get updates on our progress~

HUGE Congrats for taking the #1 spot in my video today! This game is amazing, and unique! I loved playing it! Great job! 

Wow! What an honor! Thanks a lot for supporting our game, and glad that you like it!